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3-In-1 Facial Oil
3-In-1 Facial Oil

3-In-1 Facial Oil

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Replace your makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer with one natural product. This blend of astringent and moisturizing oils is incredible for the skin and the earth alike. This oil is based on the Oil Cleansing Method principle of like dissolving like. You are taking clean, nourishing oils and dissolving the dirty oils on your skin. What is left behind is smooth, moisturized and glowing skin.

We've been so conditioned to stay away from oil. Most cleansers and makeup claims it's oil-free, but our skin naturally produces oil. This OCM aims to work with our body, not against it by stripping the naturally occurring oils. One customer said: "I recently bought your facial oil wash from the Anacortes arts festival and just want to tell you how much I love it! Honestly my face has never looked or felt better!"

To Use: Place a quarter size amount of oil in your hand and gently massage the oil onto your skin, focusing on particularly rough or problem prone areas. Additionally work the oil into the eyelids, and around the face to remove makeup. Massage your skin for 15-20 seconds. Follow-up with with a warm to hot wash cloth, gently placed over the skin and allow the steam to penetrate your skin. After this brief steam, wipe away the excess oil and makeup. After you've wiped the excess oil away, if you notice you want a little extra moisture, place 1-2 drops on the tips of your fingers and massage into the skin.

In testing some customers did notice that while their face adjusts to the oil cleansing method, you may experience breakouts. These tend to clear up within about a week.

Ingredients include: Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil. 

Note: Facial Oils are being re-designed. The new design is in a frosted, clear glass bottle with a white label and dropper top instead of pump. The product quantity and recipe remain the same!

All of my products are made by hand in small batches in my studio in Washington's Skagit Valley. I try to bring my love and respect for nature to every product that I make, including using post consumer waste, recycled, reusable or recyclable packaging and labels whenever possible. My packing fill is often old newspapers, or shipping padding I have received myself. I try my best to stay away from one time use plastics.