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What people are saying about Barn Cat:

Lavender Forest:

  • I'm really enjoying this lovely soap. It arrived very fast. Great packaging, too. It's a good balance of fragrances, not too woody or too floral, and makes me feel de-odorized! And a nice texture, not too soft and melty, nor too hard. Seller included a small "bonus" soap in the package since I only bought one bar, and that smells wonderful too! Thank you!

Soap Lifts:

  • Love these soap holders! They keep your tub/shower clean and are super easy to rinse. We bought multiple colors to help us remember what all our different bars are for. - Liz
  • Love these - they work great and they're cute! - Brenda

Shampoo Bars:

  • Such amazing products! A high quality, natural, low waste alternative to liquid shampoo! Hair is very happy! - Carol
  • Love this shampoo! Washes nicely, rinses quickly - smells great! - Darla

Hair Rinse:

  • I used this to clarify my hair and worked great! I didn't realize how much build up was weighing my hair down until I used this rinse. My hair is shinier and feels so soft and lightweight. Thanks!


  • Prompt delivery. First-class product and customer service. Love the memories this scent invokes. - Cheryl
  • The soap smells so good and looks pretty! - Kerstie


  • A wonderful scent to start the day with in the shower. Prompt delivery. - Cheryl


  • This was my first time using bar soap for my face since I was a kid. I was honestly a little skeptical, but I love it! I'm looking to reduce my plastic use in 2019 and this is a great option. Thank you! - Laura

Cashmere Luxe:

  • Everyone should buy from this seller, her soaps are great! The first time I ordered, I also received a few small samples thrown in for free (thank you so much) and this cashmere luxe soap was one of the samples. I'm so glad because I love it. Had to order a bunch. I've liked everything but I loved this one. Thanks for making great soap and being so prompt and kind. Look forward to ordering again.


Solid Dish Soap:

  • Okay, so anyone thinking about ordering this soap please do yourself a favor: stop thinking and place your order. Here is my rave review. I bought the orange fragranced one and it smells SO delicious that I actually enjoy using it! But of course smelling delicious doesn't mean anything if it doesn't clean well, right? Have no fear. This is the first time I'm using a bar soap for dishes, and it lathers beautifully, can't-see-through-it type lather, and it cuts grease, and it's a huge bar just the right shape for handling. - Loretta