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Barn Cat Creations Artisan Soap
Hello wonderful people!
At Barn Cat Creations, I make products that are good for our bodies, and good for the environment. My products are committed to reducing single-use plastic, reducing our impact on the planet, and using simpler and effective products in our daily life. 
But, you can't try to preserve the world if we're not supporting the people who call this place home. At Barn Cat it's pretty simple:
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Love is Love
  • Science is Real
  • Feminism is for Everyone
  • Humans are Not Illegal

And because of that, I donate monetarily or through the donation of products to organizations that provide meaningful work in support of those assertions. Some of these organizations include:

New in 2024: Eco Soap Bank

Eco Soap Bank takes leftover soap scraps from soap makers, and recycles the soap to be donated to developing areas of the world where hygiene products can literally save lives.