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Shipping Information

Thank you so much for shopping with, and supporting small business! 

Barn Cat Creations always prioritizes shipping with USPS because of the economic, and environmental impacts involved. It's significantly cheaper to ship via USPS, and since they are coming to your home to deliver your mail anyway, there is no further environmental impact, a consideration which is at the core of Barn Cat values. However, there are times where the cost of shipping is cheaper using UPS or Fedex, and as needed I may use those carriers. Typically this applies to products traveling long distances, or very large orders. 

Please note: I pack each and every order with care and do everything I can to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your products. However, there are many things out of my control. After I drop off a product at my post office, I am no longer allowed by the post office to research or investigate the shipment, that responsibility lands on the recipient. I realize this is frustrating, it's frustrating for me too! I want to provide you the best customer service possible, but I am unable to track down a package in ... Florida, when I'm in Washington State. I have no control over the postal carrier holding your package at the post office, instead of dropping it on your door, and sadly I have no further tracking information other than the number that was sent to you in the purchase confirmation email. HOWEVER, if a package goes astray, I will happily provide to you any documentation, copies of tracking information, labels, proof of purchase etc. that the post office may request for you to receive your product. 

I want you to receive your product, as much as you do. If there are ever issues with your delivery please contact me and we can find a suitable solution. 

Thank you for your understanding!