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Hi! I'm Diana, the owner, artist, and everything else of Barn Cat Creations. I started my business in 2017 after two nearly back to back pregnancies with postpartum depression. I needed a way to be Diana again instead of just wife and Mom. Barn Cat has grown from a hobby where I got to flex my creative muscles, to a business with a focus on making eco-friendly products that are good for our bodies and good for the earth. 

I aim to make effective and beautiful products that encourage you to use simple and earth-friendly alternatives to chemical laden commercial products. Everything has it's place, including chemicals, preservatives and more, but I believe there are many areas of our life where we can eliminate all the waste. 

Each bar of Barn Cat Solid Shampoo eliminates a plastic shampoo bottle from going to the recycling plant or land fill. Each bottle of Barn Cat 3-in-1 Facial Oil eliminates a cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer. Done with your jar of Barn Cat face mask? Those little jars are wonderful for arts and crafts supplies, desk bits and bobs, or even salad dressing for your lunch. Small choices can make an impact!