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Sometimes people ask the same questions. Maybe
your question is here!

Questions about using products:

  • How do I wash dishes with solid dish soap?
    In a more earth-friendly way! Practically though, wet your brush/sponge/wash cloth, rub the dish soap to transfer some soap, and scrub away! Make sure to keep your bar in a draining soap dish so that water doesn't collect underneath it. 
  • How do I use solid shampoo?
    In a more earth-friendly way! Ok, I'll stop. Wet your hair, and either lather the bar in your hands, or rub the bar over your hair. Then scrub and rub as usual and rinse well. 
  • Do I need a conditioner? Do you sell conditioner?
    That's up to you. Many people find that they don't need a conditioner after using solid shampoo (I don't personally use one), but you may find you want to use a small amount. 
  • My hair feels like it has some build up, is the shampoo not rinsing?
    Let me guess my friend, you have hard water? The build up you're feeling is mineral and other deposits from your water. Since my solid shampoo isn't a surfactant (think dawn dish soap) like traditional shampoo, it isn't stripping all your natural oils (good!), along with minerals and other deposits (not as great). All is not lost! All you need to do is rinse your hair with an acidic rinse like diluted apple cider vinegar, or my hair rinse powder. If you don't have hard water, congratulations, you likely don't need a hair rinse at all! And don't forget: this isn't an exact science, everyone's head, oil production, water, and routines are different. Maybe you use a rinse once a week, a conditioner once a month, and traditional shampoo occasionally. Maybe you rinse with every wash. Experiment and find what works best for you. 

Website, retailers, shipping, shows etc.

  • Are your products available in stores? I don't want to order online
    Yes! I do have some of my various products in stores. Check out the 'retailers' page to see a list of all the shops where you can pick-up Barn Cat products. No store carries my full line however, so if you have a specific desire, you may have to stoop to the website ;)
  • I live locally, can I just pick my order up?
    Maybe? Depending on a whole bunch of factors I may be able to meet you somewhere to give you your order. But in general, no. But think of it this way, now you get some happy mail!
  • Why is your shipping so expensive!?
    Oh Amazon, you've ruined us for paying for shipping and the amount of time it takes to receive products. Sadly, shipping just costs money. When you get free shipping, it's not that Fedex just graciously delivers it for free, that retailer is just eating the cost. As a small business, I just can't do that. I do my very best to keep my products affordable, and keep my shipping costs realistic. All shipping is calculated by weight, so sometimes you can get more products for the same amount of shipping costs. 
  • Where can I find you next?
    Keep an eye out on the 'Events' page of the website for a list of upcoming shows that I will be attending. Better yet, follow me on instagram, @barncatcreations or for posts about what I'm up to.