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Snowflake Soap - Limited Edition
Snowflake Soap - Limited Edition
Snowflake Soap - Limited Edition
Snowflake Soap - Limited Edition
Snowflake Soap - Limited Edition

Snowflake Soap - Limited Edition

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Regardless of what mother nature decides, you can have snowflakes this winter! This year in addition to the Winter Mint and Holly Jolly Kitties soap, we introduce Forest Snow (scented in Cracklin Birch) and New Snow (scented in Mistletoe & Ivy).  Just like the winter snow however, these snowflake soaps won't last. These are limited editions and will not be restocked until next year!

Forest Snow soaps are scented in a woodsy birch scent and come in shades of blue. 

New Snow soaps are white, and scented like fresh greenery. 

These soaps contain wonderful skin loving oils and butters such as shea butter and olive oil. Ingredients include: Olive oil, water, coconut oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, lye (no lye present in the final bar), castor oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, fragrances and micas.

All of my soaps are extremely skin loving, with a high percentage of olive oil, specifically for it's fabulous moisturizing properties!

Care: To extend the life of your soap, make sure it sits in a draining soap dish and is allowed to dry completely between uses. See my other listings for soap dishes.

Note: I make all of my soaps by hand in small batches. Because of this, their color or design may vary slightly from batch to batch. All of my soaps are made in my studio in Washington's Skagit Valley. I try to bring my love and respect for nature to every product that I make, including using post consumer waste, recycled, reusable or recyclable packaging and labels. Barn Cat does not package in any single use plastic, and reuses boxes and shipping fill whenever possible.

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