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Seasonal Soap Box
Seasonal Soap Box
Seasonal Soap Box
Seasonal Soap Box
Seasonal Soap Box
Seasonal Soap Box
Seasonal Soap Box

Seasonal Soap Box

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Welcome to the Seasonal Soap Box Subscription from Barn Cat Creations! The SSB will have exclusive scents, designs, and products only found in your subscription, delivered right to your door (with free shipping) every three months. Each Seasonal Soap Box will contain 3-5 Barn Cat products and possibly some other bonus goodies from fellow small makers. Free shipping is included with all boxes!

      Shipping Dates for 2022 are:

      • June 1st, 2022
      • September 1st, 2022
      • December 1st, 2022 

      Currently you can make a one-time purchase of the current season's box, or the entire year for a 15% discount. If you purchase the entire year (yay!), you will pay the full amount up front, with no further payments throughout the year. This is an especially great way to give gifts! Regardless of when you make your purchase, the boxes will ship on the above schedule.  If you purchase a year-long subscription, you will get the next four boxes, regardless of when you purchase. The year is not a calendar year, but a year based on when you make your purchase.

      For instance, if you purchase the yearly subscription in April, you would receive a box in June (Summer), September (Fall), December (Winter), and March (Spring).

      Past Boxes:

      Winter 2021:

      • Fresh Baked Daily Fruit Cake Artisan Soap
      • Holly Jolly Kitty Soap
      • Peppermint Candy Soap
      • Bergamot & Black Tea Solid Lotion Bar

      Spring 2021:

      • Tulip Field Artisan Soap - Sweet Citrus Scented
      • Rainbow Cat Soap - Fresh Floral Scented
      • Blooming Daisy Soap - Bright Floral Scented
      • Lavender & Citrus Blossom Scent Roller with Green Aventurine 
      • BONUS: Floral kitty vinyl sticker from Honey Berry Studios

      Winter 2020:

      • Peppermint Snowflakes Artisan Soap 
      • Spiced Apple Calico Cat Soap
      • Sanitizing Hand Mist
      • Warming Herbal Tea
      • BONUS: 'Tea Time' greeting card from fellow maker (and friend) Tori King from Tori Tornado <click that link, you will not regret it!