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Hair Rinse
Hair Rinse
Hair Rinse
Hair Rinse
Hair Rinse

Hair Rinse

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The perfect companion to Barn Cat Solid Shampoo! This rinse is your alternative to conditioner when used with shampoo bars and solid shampoo. This acidic rinse smooths and closes the hair follicles, and helps prevent build up from any minerals found in your water. These hair rinses uniquely contain marshmallow root, which works as a natural detangler, and aloe vera powder, known to promote scalp health.

Tips & Tricks: There is an adjustment period with solid shampoo, your scalp is getting used to not having your natural oils stripped as with commercial shampoo. This adjustment may be as quick as a couple days, up to a week or so. Stick it out!
- Only wash your hair every other day or even less. Over time you will find the sweet spot for you and your water type
- Brush your hair before washing to help reduce tangles - Wash your hair by either running the bar from root to tip, or lathering the soap in your hand and then washing as usual
- You will notice a squeaky clean feeling, this is normal!
- Every few washes (or more if you have hard water) use an acidic rinse to close the hair follicles and smooth texture
- Mix 1 tsp to 1 tbl of Barn Cat hair rinse with 16ish oz of warm water OR mix 1/8 to 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with 16ish oz of warm water
- After washing and rinsing thoroughly, step out of the water of the shower and pour your hair rinse over your clean hair. Let the rinse sit for 1 minute and then rinse again well
- Everyone is different, you may need to experiment with your washing and rinsing frequency to find what's best for you

*Note from Diana: we have VERY HARD water in our house. I have found that washing with the shampoo bar every other day to every three days with a fairly diluted rinse each time works best for me and my hair. I mix approximately 1 tsp of Barn Cat Rinse and use after every wash. Ingredients include: Citric Acid, Marshmallow Root Powder.

All of my products are made by hand in small batches in my studio in Washington's Skagit Valley. I try to bring my love and respect for nature to every product that I make, including using post consumer waste, recycled, reusable or recyclable packaging and labels whenever possible. My packing fill is often old newspapers, or shipping padding I have received myself. I try my best to stay away from one time use plastics.